Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right electrician?

To begin, when interviewing an electrical contractor, ask to see a copy of their state license as well as proof of insurance. Make sure both are current. 
Here are some questions you should ask before choosing an electrical contractor. These are fundamental questions that any reputable electrical contractor should be able to answer. 

  1. Do you carry workers’ compensation coverage? Are you bonded and insured?
    It is a red flag if the contractor avoids answering or says ‘no’ to these basic questions. No matter how simple the project, be sure your contractor carries its own workers’ comp coverage and insurance.
    Ask for proof of coverage.

  3. Do you hold current state licenses? Will you be pulling the required permits and have the work properly inspected?
    Not all contractors that offer electrical work are licensed, especially those advertising to do smaller projects. A current state license indicates that the electricians know current on code requirements since maintaining the license requires that they participate in ongoing continuing education.
    To find out if a electrical contractor or electrician is license in Florida, go to the MyFlorida website. You can see Gulf Coast’s Florida Electrical Contractor license information here.

  4. Does your company do background checks on all employees and have a drug-free workplace policy?
    This person will be in your home or place of business. An electrical contractor should have a no tolerance company drug policy. The employer should also verify each employee’s driving record, social security number, and ensure they have no criminal history.

  6. How long have you been in business? Do you have references?
    Ask for references and check them out.
    Your contractor should not hesitate to provide references for you. 
    Require recent, verifiable references to show that the electrician has carried out previous work safely and to the satisfaction of customers. You don’t want an electrician who fails to show up promptly or one who is rude or difficult to work with.